Vishoka = a state of consciousness free from fear, sorrow, regret, doubt, self-pity and devoid of grief and worry

All humans desire to live lives free of suffering, fear and impoverishment. The pursuit of material wealth and personal advancement and recognition are universal. Yet, even when we achieve our goals, we are often left with the feeling of something lacking. We continue to seek enjoyment and fulfillment in external things that by their temporary nature are guaranteed ultimately to disappoint us.

Generations of yoga sages and masters recognized the futility of searching for authentic joy (bhoga) and fulfillment (apavarga) in the material world. In response, they practiced and transmitted experiential wisdom and time-tested techniques that are the hallmarks of Vishoka Meditation®.

Vishoka Meditation® can help us transcend the pain and sorrow in human existence. It teaches us how to turn the mind inward and to use the immense wealth of our minds to access the profound stillness at the center of our consciousness.

My classes incorporate many of the foundational practices for Vishoka Meditation®, including asana, pranayama and systematic relaxation. Please check back for updates on future Vishoka Meditation® practice sessions.

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“Vishoka Meditation: The Yoga of Inner Radiance” by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD is available for purchase online.